Who says Falz Is Not The New Fela?

Falz Is The New Fela? See What Nigerians Are Saying

Nigerians, especially on Twitter, are lauding the brilliance of the rapper for speaking out when some people cowered in silence. It could be recalled that Bahd Guys boss, dropped ‘This Is Nigeria’ which caused deep conversations on social media about Nigeria.

The lawyer turned rapper today dropped a new single ‘TALK‘ which has gotten Nigerians talking. ‘Talk’ is a society conscious tune which highlights the current situation of Nigeria, hunger, insecurity, prostitution, internet fraud etc.

Falz did not forget to call out the ruling party and the presidency for failing to deliver change to Nigerians after being elected into office.

Today, Falz is being likened to the progenitor of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose music was a weapon of activism. The legendary Fela was a known critic of the government of the day which incidentally Major General Buhari was Head of State at the time. 34 years after Falz speaks as much as Fela against the incumbent which is headed by President Buhari. Some say his content and purpose are in sync with that of the late afro beat legend.

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