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Letter to YOU - D'Atwarist


What is Time?

What is Time? I do not know!

What time is it? I know!

For Time has been

Time will be

Time is on going

Time is, till infinite

Time is younger to eternity

Time is older to history


Time is very old but looks very young

Time is relentless and ambitious

Time is not as ethical as Confucius

Time is a stubbornly persistent illusion

Time is a traveller without a destination

Time is a like handsome young boy

He is nature’s way of being coy

He is always on the run

He waits for nobody

He can be fast and slow at the same time

When you are conscious of time he becomes a slot

When you are unconscious of time he becomes a cheetah

Time started walking the very day he was born

He will never stop walking until the end is born

Time is stylish

Time is selfish

Time has no time

Time is concomitant with nature

Time is in the future

For a foolish man time is short

For a wise man time is enough…

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Letter to YOU - D'Atwarist