Donald Trump

Top 8 most protected people in the world 2020

No.8  Donald trump

Donald j trump an heir apprent bussiness man who is also the currenty US president  his net worth stands at $3 Billion in may 2017, The US. congress passed a fedral budget plan that shelled out an unbelelieveable $120 million dollars, for an entire year of security for president donld trump and his family which was a few million dollar shy of, what it will cost to safegaurd president obama for all eight years of his two terms.

NO. 7 Vladimir putin Vladimir is the most protected president  just like other political figure in Russia is protected by the fedral protective service {FSO}. The FSO is a powerful multi-purpose and extermly secretive angency

NO. 6 Kim jong un Kim jong is the most protected dictator. everyone wondered how exactly does a man go about his day while being constatly worried about,  Numerous attempt on him and competion from within his own circle of power?. As it pans out kim jong-un doesent just have a personal secret service details protecting him from close range,  he has his own  100,000 man army with a command and report directly to him this unit is known as the Supreme guard commad .

NO.5 Queen elizabeth Queen elizabeth II  is the most protected soverign shes the first uk monarch who celebrate her sapphire jubile.There by marking her 65years reign in 2017. The queen is been protected by royal guard. navy fleets have mounted to the queens guard depending on the task or the royal family method of travel. in 2010, the expenses on her security was speculated to cost around 100 million british pounds.

NO. 4 Jayz and beyonce beyonce and jayz are they most protected couple in the world 2020. we saw an incident in brazil wher a fan manage to get on the stage and pull beyonce down to the floor her husband decided his going to ramp up thier security for a million of  dollars, jayz hired fire new personal security guard and also purchased two bomb proof  latvia suvs the same military grade.

NO. 3 Mark zuckerberg mark zuckerberg is the most protected CEO, in 2015 mark spent around $20 million on security with $7.3 million going towards his own personal bodygaurds. These bodyguards are sometimes called “zuckerberg secrect police” it is made up of 16 full time guards who work in shift at all time.

NO. 2 POPE FRANCIS Pope francis is the most protected religious leader. the pope is both the bishop of rome and ex-officio leader of the world. being the head of a catholic church is like being the president of a country he too needs utmost protection. the pope is protected by the spears, who are high end of military force made up of top ex swiss soldiers. the swiss  guard is over 500 years old making it the longest standing military in the world.



Vladimir lenin is the most protected human body. it certainly comes as a surprise that one neednt to be breathing to be considerd valueable and worth protecting. with a few exception during wartime there has been an honour guard that has kept watch over his body 24 hours a day, seven a week since the past 95 years. is rumoured that the soldiers are told that the body of lenin is the most important thing that  russia has.

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Donald Trump