Top 10 Imo State Comedians And Their Worst

Top 10 Imo State Comedians And Their Worst

After a long investigation, we decided to share our thoughts, Please Note that this list is strictly based on Observation and Assumption and is not to be taken under any Advisement of any kind, and again by worth in this list we mean their cost of attendance and participation and not their current net worth.

10. Stejay

Obinna Okoroji popularly known as Stejay who hails from Oguta L.G.A in IMO State, who is also a proud Imsulite is found worth to rank tenth in the list at a serious observation, This dude discovered his talent in secondary school at a very young age, he start performing as a comedian at the age of twelve, imagine a twelve year old boy anchoring a weeding reception, birthday party, and so on as an Mc. It was fun to watch.

Now let’s come down to the worth we meant, by worth in the title of this post we mean how much it will cost you to bring any of the mentioned comedian to your show or event as for Stejay his worth #90,000 per show and his worth keeps increasing as he keeps attaining new heights everyday.

9. Prince White

Nigerian Imo base Comedian and CEO of White House Entertainment Prince White is worth 150k per show.

8. Yellow Mouth

Nigerian IMO state Fairest and most handsome Comedian as his fans take him to be who goes by the name Yellow Mouth is worth 190k per show.

7. Ominimini

Esiri Grant of Zanders Fm who is popularly known as Mc Ominimini is also worth 190k per show.

6. Mc Tboy

Nigerian Comedian and CEO of Jollof Jokes Concert who goes by the name Mc Tboy is worth 210k per show.

5. Laughing Gas

Nigerian IMO based comedian and CEO of Inhale Lafin Gas is worth also worth 210k per show.

4. Bossman

The Bossman is worth 230k per show.

3. Mc Awelo

Mc Aweelo is worth 250k per show.

2. Chief IMO

Longinus Anokwute popularly known as Chief Imo, is the the second in the list and he is also the chief executive owner of Chief Imo Production Ltd . As it is popularly known in Nigeria and over the world.

Chief imo is a comedian, showbiz promoter, Nollywood producer, Nollywood Actor, script writter, he has also aquired a meaning in the minds of the public promoting good health and igbo language with comedy talks.

Chief Imo is worth 270k per show

1. Apama

Nigerian and Imo State number One Comedian Osinachi Dike who goes by the stage name Egbeigwe Apama is worth 300k per show.


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