The Demonic Reason Behind The Fall Of EmYung’s Hugely Turned Up YaroFest – REVEALED

The Demonic Reason Behind The Fall Of EmYung’s Hugely Turned Up YaroFest – REVEALED

Nigerian Imo based art and the unbeatable sensational Jam it crooner Benjamin chukwuemeka osinachi popularly known with his stage name EmYung from umuagwu, irete in owerri west L.G.A. Imo state who recently hosted the first season of his annual show titled YaroFest in Dovely Palace Hotel Irete, his home town on the 9th of December 2018 was found on his Instagram handle @Official_emyung this morning apologizing to fans for the unforeseen predicament that befall his YaroFest.

EmYung was still in great shock this morning when our reporter who was present in the red carpet of the event which started by 3:00pm went to ask him some questions for he couldn’t believe his eyes because our report herself testified of how huge the tuned up was, many artists both from Imo, Abuja, Lagos and Enugu were present, people who came to enjoy the show were much, our report counted about 700 people because the supposed venue was over crowded.

No doubt, the show was a huge success from the red carpet, even the manager of the venue hotel testified that the show was huge as the recorded much sales than ever until all of a sudden ..Boom! the whole speakers gotten from the best for the event went dumb!, it became a huge problem as the YaroFesters(people who came for the YaroFest) got upset and started leaving the venue one after the other in anger after many sound engineers have tried fixing the sound all to no avail.

This was EmYung’s first show as he spent a lot to see it become a success which it was until an unknown force striked the speakers with dumbness, we got a report that all the speakers that refused to talk on the night of the event was use in the morning for another event, the all became functional over night, this is pure black magic!


This picture was taken outside the event venue before the red carpet, you can see the amount of turn up already.

Village people too much ooh… I didnt say anything ooh..!

Who could be doing this to innocent EmYung, friends have advised him to leave his home town to another place because the forces are coming from within, this dude is just pushing his hustle hard he does good music and some people are not happy.

…Could this be a fellow rival artist handiwork?

Or an organized plot to bring this innocent dude down?

Or an organized diabolical act?

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