the controversy of man

Metaphysical Lyrism: The Controversy of Man – The Atwarist

The Controversy of Man

Man is universal

Man is particular

Man is controversial

Man is spectacular

Man is the eye through the universe sees

Man is ear through the she hears

Man is nose through she smells

Man is the mouth through she talks

Man is the personal emotion of the universe

Man is the population of the universe

Man is the speaker of the world’s assemble

Man is a book of a trillion verse

In the bible, man came from God’s linage

Man was made in God’s image

The story of man is countless page

Man is bound to age

Man is an ocean of possibility

Man is the home of probability

Man is always at the edge of prosperity

Man is the epitome of reality

Man is under the colony of divinity

Man is the chief executioner of spirituality

Man is an object of vitality

Man is the subject of humanity

Man is the store of ability

Man has the power of creativity

Man houses the impetus of audacity

Man was given the ability of dominativity

Man is one of the things man cannot explain

Man is beast to Man

Man is a God to Man

Man is Man!


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the controversy of man