High School Crush

Episode 3

( I think I will love maths)
He gave me a warm hug my heart almost jump out of my chest I
felt my legs going numb.
The rain stop after a while, I couldn’t move or do anything. David
waved at me but I’m too carried away to do anything.
“ hello? Is the cold affecting your brain” he smiled and if not for
my combined strength I would have faint.
“ let’s go na” he said and when I find my voice okay was all i
can say.
I waved goodbye at him when we reach their flat and I have to
walk to ours but all he does is nod his head. I think this guy is a
lizard in his first life.
I live with my parents with no siblings at all you may think I’m
spoilt but no my parents are strict. They believe I’m the only one
they have so they have to give me the best.
David have a younger brother Sammy.
Sammy is a jovial boy and we were best friends. He know I like
his brother so he will always report which girl his brother is
seeing and what they discussed together lol I have an informant.
Unlike david he is not cold or arrogant or something, even
though I’m older than him and we play together he doesn’t see
that as a way to disrespect me at all.
After eating my lunch which is always a bowl of garri or
cornflakes I took my phone to facebook before i start reading
and luckily david is also online. I send him an hi but he didn’t
reply me.
I just log out switch off my phone when he didn’t reply me.
No matter how I study maths I just can’t understand it. When will
I be looking someone’s X when I don’t know Y? I swear math is
complicated. My love for maths ended when they started adding
When I couldn’t find the X I just close my text book and note
book and I use it as a pillow.
Oh my I slept for three hours? The maths teacher will blast hell
out of my head tomorrow so let me just do wuru wuru to the
answer he cannot kill me abeg.
The next day david did not even wait for me so I have to walk to
school alone.
As expected the maths teacher really freak out whatever who he
epp? Freaking out as if math is the only subject in the world
But I hate other students laughing at me especially that witch
named Isabella who is trying to get closer to david at all cost. I
wonder what they use to do together in physics and chemistry
class sef when I’m not there or should I switch to science class?
Oh I like arts better at least I won’t be calculating all the time. I
don’t have to worry sef I got janelle watching my Dave for me.
Ring ring
We are going home again! Yeah! No maths assignment only
literature and English assignments.
“ if you want I can help you in your maths” a voice which even if
I’m in a trance or something I will recognise it said behind me.
You might want to know who I’m talking about its no one but my
Dave. Math is bringing david and i together i think i will love
Next episode
I’m also brilliant its just that we use it in different ways.

To be continued

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