POEM: Letter To Lady Death by D’Atwarist

POEM: Letter To Lady Death by D’Atwarist

Just yesterday we got a shocking and scary mail from an untraceable source asking us to post this poem, we need not to tell you the content of the mail because it was very scary and it sounded like a threat, out of fear my team and i decided to succumb to the threat of this unknown Scary Metaphysical writer who calls himself or herself D’Atwarist.. I hope he or she is pleased with this write up when he or she sees it because am afraid!

D’Atwarist also said in this exact words : “I will send you poems from My METAPHYSICAL LYRICISM, a work in progress every midnight on Friday so that you must publish them on Saturday! …ELSE!!!”



Letter to Lady Death

Death, is that a name?

What do you want is it fame?

I want to know, what is your aim?

The truth be told we are tired of your game!

Your excuse of being is just so lame!

I was with dad when you came

In you I put all the blame

You and corruption are just the same

Always killing the good things without shame!


I write you to let you know how useless you are!

So many you have made childless

A lot you have thrown into the motherless

You gave me a grieving seat with the fatherless

Your existence is meaningless

You are clueless

You are brainless

You are friendless

You are jobless

Your selfish character is changeless

As a fish you are finless

As a lion you are clawless

As a ruminant you are stomach less

As an omnivorous animal you are toothless

As a drive you are careless

You are driving towards no greatness

You are living in a state of nothingness

Please leave our world we are tired of your presence

I know to you this letter will make no sense

Because you are absolutely senseless

Yours hatefully, Myself


About the Author: MelodyAfricana

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