MAMA 2019: How to participate – Melody Africana Merit Award

MAMA 2019: How to participate – Melody Africana Merit Award

1) General Screening

This is the first stage of the award and submission starts today, here participants are required to send in there best 2 to 4 minutes video clip or an already existing YouTube Video of your own be it a solo, a rap, a freestyle or a comedy skit to then we will screen and post the few we like for point generation.

2) Point Generation

If you have made it through the first stage and your Video have been posted then your second stage begins immediately, here you required to generate points for yourself.

There are just 2 way to generate points
1) A like on your post on MelodyAfricana.Com page on Facebook is five Points.
2)A comment on your post on our site will automatically award you a point ranging from 5 to 50 points per comment

3) Nomination

After point generation we move over to nomination. We shall be nominating in only 5 categories and we shall nominate based on the hierarchy of points.

Winner, 2nd and 3rd Runner up shall be selected from the nominees based on the number of votes.

God Speed & Good Luck
..the race has began let the best win!

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