Letter to YOU - D'Atwarist

Letter to YOU – D’Atwarist

Letter to YOU - D'Atwarist

Letter to you

You are a hero

You are not a zero

You are winner

You are not a looser

You are on fire

And you are going higher

You are not always wrong

You are very strong

You are wise

Again and again you can rise

You are a work of art

You are a bag of fact

You are not hopeless

You are not careless

You are not useless

You are just priceless

You are somebody’s sweetheart

You are the apple of somebody’s eyes

YES! it is true that you can’t be perfect

Because Nobody is perfect

But there is nobody in the world… As Unique as!

You are so beautiful

You are so natural

I wrote this lyrics for you

Want you to know how special you are

You are amazing in

You are so incredible

You are one in a million

All over the world there is non like you

You can smile again

Please do not cry again

Arise and shine again

For you were born to win again

You can be what you wanna be

You can get what you are seeking for

You can make it to the top

For you were born to make a change.

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Letter to YOU - D'Atwarist