True Reason - Why did INEC postponed 2019 Election

How to Vote & still stay Alive – 2019 Election

How to Vote your preferred candidate & still stay alive – 2019 Elections

  1. Do not eat or drink or take anything brought by fellow unknown voters or candidates
  2. Do not answer any questions from Press or voters
  3. Apart from you and other officers, any other person is a Candidate.
  4. Be security conscious
    See you all in good health.
  5. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public
    Always Get Back home On Time
  6. Do Not Criticize Any Politician
  7. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit
  8. Don’t Keep Late Nights
  9. Always Listen to the News
  10. Don’t Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls
  11. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House
  12. Don’t Move About With Huge Cash
    When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated
  13. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People
  14. If You Must Hang out with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So
  15. Don’t Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)
  16. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period
  17. Stock up Your Home with Food
  18. Have Your Doctor’s Number Handy
  19. Cast Your Vote Once
  20. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls
    Celebrate in a Civil Manner
  21. Do Not Partake in Election Violence
  22. Do not argue on social media groups
  23. Please it is important that you take these election safety and security tips. So that you will not have yourself to blame at the end.

Practicing all these tips would only mean that you are relevant to the society.


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True Reason - Why did INEC postponed 2019 Election