EPISODE 2: High School Crush

Episode 2

( rainy day)
That answer sound like a slap in my face or is it that I’m too
fast forward? In this Africa it always takes strength and courage
for a girl to ask a guy out herself why won’t david see my
courage? Then i will work harder with my study.
We have a group in our class which consist of me, janelle, david,
eric and Chris. The lousy Chris, lovely but aggressive janelle,
celebrity but cool headed Eric, cool, handsome but mute david
lol and lovely pretty nikky lol. Its not a study group but we
always hang out together.
After the first period, I want to talk to david but was interrupted
by the class monitor isabella.
“ David can you please explain this problem to me” she stare at
him seductively. I want to stand up but was stopped by janelle.
After explaining the whatever the problem is to her the next
thing i heard is. “ can we hang out after school? You know im
always busy with the teachers maybe you can call me when you
are going home since our house is not far so I won’t be late for
my lunch again” I swear I feel like slapping her.
“ you of all people should know that our house is not near to
each other at all and beside if you don’t want to be late for your
lunch discipline your yourself so you will get out of the school
early, I don’t walk with undisciplined people ” he replied coldly.
At that time i can’t hold my laughter anymore so I can’t help but
laugh . you will always be mine. Isabella walk away sadly but
who she epp? Lol.
I think I like the cold side today lol. I did an high five to Janelle.
“ so you haven’t get rid of your one sided love bah” janelle
“ can you? Who is more perverted between me who have a
crush on my classmate and you who have a crush on our
school doctor?” i asked and she hit me playfully.
Doctor ken is our school doctor actually he is too handsome to
be a doctor. Janelle fell for him the day he treat her leg when
she fell from the peach tree. Since then Janelle have been
behaving like something always visiting the school clinic when
there is nothing wrong with her just to see her dear doctor lol.
“ stop ” she smile.
“ I kinda like how David shun Isabella today I can’t stop
laughing. That girl sef ” i said and janelle and i laughed together
I don’t know what happened but I feel like laughing right now.
Maybe its the way david shun Isabella or I’m just happy.
Ring ring
I’m going home! Oh let me wait for dave oh there he is.
“ dave” I called and he look at my direction.
“ let’s go home together” I said again and he doesn’t respond
instead he just walk to where i am and we started walking
together. He didnt talk and that’s one of the things I hate about
him others I like them.
After walking for a while the rain that has threatened heaven
and earth since started pouring out its anger heavily and
something unexpected happened david grabbed my hands and
we ran together. Hey this rain you sure knows when I need you.
Running can’t solve it our house is too far and I’m tired so we
stop under a mango tree at least to take cover.
“ hatchia” i sneezed.
“ are you feeling cold?” he asked and I nodded.
He did the most unexpected thing ….
Guess what he did?
To be continued

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