Fantastic Frank – Motivate Us (Prod. YB Gabana)

They say, the artist is nothing without the gift, and the gift is nothing without work and efforts, but the work is also nothing without support, especially from the right people. The song ‘Motivate Us’ sprang from a heart that understands, and is concerned about the pains of Edo State Entertainers putting in so much work into making beautiful art, and getting little or no support in return. Many talents are underdiscovered in our local environments because they lack support. Motivate artists. Show support to them. They bring beauty into our world, they see and interpret things differently. They are creative, and inspire others to be too. Yet, very few of them make good livings. They enhance our lives and deserve encouragement. They say if you want to make it big as an entertainer in Nigeria, “you must travel go Lagos”. This song MOTIVATE US is to correct that impression, this song is to call out the good people of Edo State to please and please invest in EDO STATE ENTERTAINERS, little or big, we need to start from somewhere and let’s start now, together let’s take Edo State Entertainment to a brand new level….

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