Cameroon government’s domestic gas subsidies up from XAF32 bln to XAF35 bln in 2018

 Cameroon Government’s domestic gas subsidies up from XAF32 bln to XAF35 bln in 2018 (CSPH)

In Cameroon, the oil products’ price stabilization institution CSPH provided XAF35 billion to subsidize domestic gas during the 2018 fiscal year.

Compared with the XAF32.6 billion provided during the 2017 fiscal year, this represents an increase of about XAF3 billion. According to the CPSH, “the strong rise in gas consumption calls for increased imports to fill the gap in national production.

During the year under review, Société nationale des hydrocarbures (SNH) supplied about 10,000 metric tons of domestic gas in the Cameroonian market. This represents 463 loads of tankers and 736,702 cylinders of 12.5 kilograms, which are used by households.

The CPSH adds that this 12.5kg cylinder of gas that Cameroonians usually buy at XAF6,500 in fact costs between XAF10,000 and XAF11,000. This means that the state subsidizes between XAF3,500 and XAF4,500 per 12.5-kilogram cylinder of domestic gas.

Users of wood also experienced  an increase in the price for wood due to increase in the price of gas.

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