Beef Continues as Drift King and Wisedon Fights Over Fey Flexy

Beef Continues as Drift King and Wisedon Fights Over Fey Flexy

We kept quiet all this while over the ongoing social media word fight going on between the CEO of 0townloaded and F2’s Shima producer Wisedon over the innocent post of Drift king which present one of the 0town finest producer Fey Flexy as the “Music Producer with the Most songs and the most hits in 2018”

Wisedon didn’t take it lightly with the above post as he immediately replied with the following hate speeches below.

After all this immature replies from Wisedon, Drift kept quiet and we thought the matter has dead a natural death and that Drift has taken the fall but to our greatest surprise he spoke on the matter again in replying his younger brother’s post about the same Fey Flexy, his younger brother who goes by the name Humble Lion who is both an artist and a designer constructed his post carefully to avoid joining the ongoing war between his elder brother Drift and Wisedon.

See the Shocking message Drift sent to Wisedon via comment reply..

Mehn, for the above writeup i give Drift 2: Wisedon 1

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