5 tips to ensure healthy sperm

NO.1  Laptop

Like the rest of the body, the sperm needs the be colder, it is proven that heat kills so when a man has a laptop to his laps it actually cooks his thighs and therefore his testicles gets 5 degrees hotter than the should be. and we have seen sperm counts  reduce on men who has laptop on there laps for more than 2 to 3 hours a day.

NO. 2  Sun

staying away from hot environment helps with a healthy sperm, anything that make the body temperature hot is gonna kill those  sperm and not make them active.

NO. 3  Vegetablevegetable and fruits are high in improving sperm fertility and the quality of sperm. Most vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.

NO. 4 exercise more hustle more muscle is very important because the men out there exercising whether swimming, running or weight lifting any of these things can really help the quality of sperm.

NO. 5 coffee

coffee helps you reduce stress so a little of coffee 2-3 cups every days can help you improve your sperm quality as a man.

  • Coffee boosts your physical performance.
  • Coffee may help you lose weight.
  • Coffee helps you burn fat.
  • Coffee helps you focus and stay alert.

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