Letter to Mr Understanding – D’Atwarist

Letter to Mr Understanding

Greetings, Mr Understanding

I am my humble self, speaking for the entire Cosmos

I write to inform you that the universe needs you a lot

We hold you in high self esteem

All we need from you is a singular favor

We need you to divorce your wife Mrs-Understanding

Because she follows you everywhere you go

Where Mr Understand goes – Miss Understanding follows

And she is good at causing trouble wherever she is found

She is more of a knife than a wife

She as ugly as a chimpanzee

She is as deceitful as Delilah

She is as wicked as Jezebel

She is as dirty as a pig

She doesn’t suit your personality

I know this is a difficult thing for me to ask

But we wouldn’t ask if its not important

We have arranged a better wife for you

She is Disciplined

She has the best character a man can ever think of!

Her beauty is unique

And she is still a Virgin

She is kind hearten and considerate

Her name is Tolerance

She is the new bride we have specially prepared for you

And she totally has a crush on you

Wherever you go she follows, admiring you from within

wherever you are found, she resides!

But immediately you wife Mrs-Understanding comes

She runs for her dear life!


Believe me when i say..!

You two can live together in perfect Harmony

We are totally behind your destined Matrimony

We see no trace of future Acrimony

Even in the absence of Money

Even when it becomes hard to find Honey

You two will still find live Funny…



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